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Trippie Minx Lashes

Trippie Minx Lashes


100% Luxury mink, cruelty free, paraben free, latex free, phthalate free, and can be reusable up to 30x, Includes traveling bottle and personal lash script.  Different styles to choose from for all shapes of eyes. Comes with a travel case.

MOLLY  and TWEAKLashes: They appear twice as long as they are tall and the most versatile shape when it comes to lash style. Great for Almond shaped eyes, which is the most common.

ANGELDUST andSTARDUST LashesThese lashes are for the round eyes or hooded eyes to appear more open and bright.

LASH ADHESIVE: Goes on clear, long lasting, thick formula for the perfect stay in place feel. Apply to lash line and quickly add your lash. 

LASH  TWEEZER: Perfectly angled for ease of use especially for beginners. A sleek and convenient tool to help apply lashes more precisely and easily.

LASH WASH: Avoid accumulating buildup from dirt, makeup or oils.  Remove from eyes and then wash.

LASH MACHINE: Mini beauty lashin' machine can also be used to clean makeup brushes and beauty sponges. Just add 2 pumps of lash wash with warm water, then let your lashes soak for one minute and spin for 30 seconds, drain dirty water. needs 2 AA batteries.



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